Thursday, September 16, 2010

Owl Cupcakes

"Whoooo" are you?  That was our theme for the first day of our Sunday school class.  It was move up Sunday and I had some new kids join our class.  I always like to make our first day special since it is a new routine the kids will be learning.  It can be a bit overwhelming for the little ones at first since they are no longer preschoolers but kindergartners and first graders.  They learned a few new songs, played some getting to know you games and then we taught the lesson on "Who they are in Christ."  Wrapping up this fun filled time I gave them some owl cupcakes I made( Hello, Cupcake!).  They were a big hit and the kids enjoyed their sugar high (sorry parents!!).  Thankfully our Sunday school was followed up with a big church picnic and the children were able to play outdoors.

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