Saturday, May 28, 2011

been busy....

May has been a crazy month... I did a bridal shower for a young lady who ha been attending our church for several years.  Her colors were plum, silver and ivory... yeah, try finding bridal shower decorations in THOSE colors!!!  Thank goodness for my cricut machine as I made decorations for her using that.  Cupcakes with a super vanilla frosting and topped with a blackberry.

I also made their wedding cake.  Though not necessarily what I would have wanted the bride and her family were very pleased and that's all that truly matters!

 Then we went on vacation where we spent four days in Los Angeles.
While visiting the Kodak theater we tried out the new "Soul Daddy's" Restaurant.  This was the restaurant that won from the television show "America's Next Great Restaurant."  Yeah... not so much.  If this was the best that they had from all the contestants than the other food must have really tanked!  I also tried the Wolfgang Puck Bistro at Universal Studios.  I was unimpressed and was saddened by that.  Hubby and I agree that my meatloaf and tomato soup are much better than what we had there.  Overall though, the trip was fantastic!

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