Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Marshmallow flower cupcakes

Recently I had organized a ladies tea at our church. Each table was assigned a hostess that would decorate their own table. I knew that several young girls were coming (pre-teens) and wanted them to have their own special table.  I made them cupcakes and topped them off with marshmallow flowers then placed them inside tea cups.  I thought they turned out pretty cute and they were not that complicated to make.  I did cheat and used a cake mix for the cupcakes, but for the marshmallow flowers you will need...
1 marshmallow per flower
Colored sugar ( found that coarse sugar worked best)
M&M candies or Skittles

Take one marshmallow and cut into five pieces using a pair of dampened kitchen scissors. To get equal pieces, I found that if I cut off one slice first, then cut the marshmallow in half and cut each half into two pieces, it worked out best.  Sprinkle each piece of marshmallow with colored sugar.  Arrange on cupcakes in flower shape and place candy piece in center of each flower.

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