Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gratitude Attitude

Gratitude becomes a bit of a catch phrase this time of the year.  November, after all, is the time when we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, so I guess it is perfectly fitting.  However,  I wonder how many of us see gratitude as an attitude we should be having ever day? I'm guilty of not having the gratitude attitude. Sure I'm thankful for my family, house, food... all the things we have.  What I struggle with is being thankful for the things I'm not so happy with.  Medical bills, health problems, personal issues, meal planning (sorry, I had to throw that one in because I absolutely HATE having to come up with an idea for dinner! See how bad my attitude is?!).  I can tell you all the right things I should be feeling: medical bills? be thankful that you had medical care. Health problems? Be thankful that they aren't worse. Personal issues? Bah... who doesn't have those? Be thankful you HAVE family to complain about.  Oh, and meal planning?  Seriously??? If only others were so blessed that they only had to look inside a full freezer and figure out what to make!
The sad truth is though, I know the right things in my head but don't feel them in my heart.  Our pastor tells us that the longest distance in the world is that from your brain to your heart.  I believe this to be true because it seems to take forever for my heart to live the truth that my brain knows.
So how does one go about having a gratitude attitude?  Have you ever done a Google search for gratitude?You will find everything from books written on the subject to cute little journals you can make. But for me it is has to simply be just choosing to be grateful.  I don't want my gratitude to be words I write down in a journal, I want it to be an action in my life. While I will take the time tomorrow to especially reflect on all my blessings, I especially want to remember all those things that aren't such, "happy happy joy joy" blessings.  God truly is good and has been amazingly good to me and my family.  I have some pretty tough things in my life but the fact of the matter is nothing is so difficult or big that My God isn't bigger than.  For me, knowing just that, gives me a gratitude attitude!

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