Thursday, March 18, 2010

Let Everything that has breath praise the LORD!

I just have to share that God is amazing! No, my day hasn't been off the wall wonderful, but God is so good!  Last weekend my mother, who lives with us had a seizure.  It had her in a total state of unconciousness for five minutes and it scared me to death.  But we have so much to be thankful for... first off, my mom should have been driving home at that time because of volunteer work she does.  Because we had plans to attend a retreat she switched days with another volunteer and was home with me instead.  She took ill with a sinus infection and was going to pass on the retreat... here is where the second praise comes in.  I was in the kitchen grabbing up my things to leave when my mom walks in and sits down.  She tells me, "I feel dizzy." At that I told her, "that's it, I'm staying home."  I went over to check on her, she was clammy feeling and then she seized.  God is good.  She could have been driving but she wasn't.  She could have been alone in the house, but she wasn't.  Yes, she is doing fine now.  Tests have ruled out several things and they believe it was probably due to dehydration. 

Monday I'll be celebrating twenty five years of marriage with my husband.  God is good.  We had the perfect recipe for a disasterous marriage and yet it never failed.  They say that statistically speaking, married couples with special needs children divorce more often than those without.  Our youngest child was finally diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, Bi-polar disorder and Schizo-affective disorder when he was sixteen.  Previously undiagnosed years had us dealing with melt downs, hospital stays, suicide attempts, death threats and us just being on a horrendous roller coaster ride.  When he was four the first psychiatrist we met with told us to not get too attached and forget about him ever being education.  Well, too late! We were already attached to the kid!  He's doing well these past five years but life still presents challenges to him and us.  Throughout it all my spouse and I stood firmly together... Of course, there is the on going joke we have between us whenever some one asks how we managed to stay together through it all.  We had this agreement (seriously, this is a true agreement we had) whoever left the marriage took the kids :-)

God is amazing in his creation.  Seriously... all I have to do is look at a child and I'm amazed beyond belief on how awesome he is of a Creator. 
Lyra is 8 months old now and everyday with her is an aerobic workout!

Life may not always be a bowl of cherries, instead you may constantly swim in a bowl of pits! I'm just glad for my relationship with the Lord that I'm never alone through it all.
Psalm150:6 Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the Lord!

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