Monday, August 8, 2011

Betty Crocker Cooky Book

Do you have a cookbook that gives you great recipes, but also fond memories?  I was in the kitchen along side my mom from the time I could walk.  We were baking buddies then, and still are today.  I grew up using the Betty Crocker Cooky Book... it is sooooooo 1960's with its groovy color choices!  That being said, it is my first "go to" cookie book.  I've never had a recipe fail, although there have been a few that I have not cared for because of taste preferences.
Unfortunately, my mom ended up tossing this cook book after it got all ratted and torn. I didn't realize this until after I had married and went to borrow the book from her.  This was before the days of Amazon and I thought I had lost this book forever.
In 1996, I was visiting a good friend and her daughter was making pig shaped cookies.  They turned out really cute so I asked her where she got the idea from.  Much to my surprise it was from the Betty Crocker Cooky Book!  She had found it at a garage sale.  I shared with her my memories and we both got a laugh from it.  Much to my surprise, on Mother's Day my dear friend turned over this precious book to me for a gift.
This book does give me fond memories not only of baking, but also of my friend who lost the battle with breast cancer a few years ago.  Now when I look through the pages I not only remember the moments of cooking along side my mom, but also of the laughter and tears my friend and I shared.  I hope that everybody has a special cookbook that they hold near and dear to their hearts... we all need one.

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  1. Such a sweet friend. I was given a copy of this cookbook as a Christmas gift. I need to pull it out more often.