Saturday, May 12, 2012

Bridal shower

A good friend's daughter is getting married today.  It worked out to where the shower for her was on Tuesday and the wedding is just a few days later.  Her colors are lovely, orange, yellow and black but it did make it interesting to decorate and not have it look like Halloween.  Thankfully I have my Cricut machine and was able to create a few decorations.

I have to say that the most ingenious was what my friend Joy did.  She took a yellow paper plate, cut it out and glued it on top of an orange paper plate.

  I made the shower cake as well as cheesecake balls. While my skills are rather modest, I was pleased with the end results.  I'll be sharing the recipe I used for the cake balls later this week.  Right now I have to go finish up the 150 cupcakes I agreed to make for her wedding!

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