Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Anniversary Trip

I haven't posted much these past couple weeks because I have been busy, busy, busy! Hubby and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary and took a weekend trip to Portland, Oregon.  We hit some of the bakeries I've read about on blogs as well as two places shown on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.  The places may have been considered Dives but the food was divine!  Here are some pics of the highlights.

The first place we ate at was the Arleta Library Bakery and Cafe. With many dishes to choose from, I had the "Portland’s Best Biscuits-n-Gravy."  Slow roasted pork loin comes thinly sliced, nestled between two sweet potato biscuits and smothered in rosemary sausage gravy; served with Library Fries.  While hubby had the "Sicilian Hash."  Their signature dish. Painted Hills natural beef braised overnight then sauteed with peppers, onions,(Which he had them leave out) and potatoes; topped with parmesan scrambled egg; served with choice of toast or scone.

An interesting bakery/cafe to visit was the Bakery Bar.  They had good coffee and an AWESOME Apple Bacon Scone.  Being from Idaho, I'm a bit late getting in on the bacon fad going around.  I didn't realize I was missing out... until I had this scone!  Oh my goodness, if you are ever in Portland you must go to the Bakery Bar and try out this scone! We also bought this cinnamon roll with bacon on top... it was good, but too sweet for me.  I was much happier with the scone.

  I found these adorable chocolates at the Moonstruck Cafe.  I thought they were too cute to eat and then I bit into one! Yummy Yummy Chocolates!

And while I primarily went to "Pastaworks" to check out their line of pastas and kitchen tools, I couldn't pass up trying one of their pistachio cannoli.  Personally, I thought the filling was grainy and didn't care for it at all.  We also visited "The Candy Basket."  Home of the worlds largest chocolate continual waterfall.  While entertaining, it was hard for me to get beyond the "ewwww" factor.  All I could think of was how many times people must of spit into it... or worse.  UGH!

We had lots of fun and hit many other bakeries and cafes.  Not a trip one should take if they were trying to cut back on the calories!  Who knows where we will travel to on our 5Oth anniversary :-)

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