Friday, April 9, 2010

It's all rubber ducky

I just hosted a baby shower for young lady.  They are having a boy so didn't want too "girly" of a theme.  I'm sooooo not a jock and I just didn't want to go all out on an animal theme either.  That left me with the simple rubber ducky :-)  Yikes... get that song out of my head, get it out!  I've been hearing Ernie sing that stupid song from Sesame Street every single time I see or think rubber ducks!

I wimped out on making a cake myself... I'm very critical and there would be lots of ladies from the church there.  I just didn't feel comfortable with my cake decorating skills... yet.  Someday that time may come.  but I did make some duckies in chocolate molds and some duck shaped sugar cookies that I decorated with royal icing.  With Easter being so close to the date I was able to find some duck-ish decorations.  I would have to say it all turned out rather cute.

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  1. My daughter is hosting a baby shower in august im showing her cute