Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tinkerbell Cake

   My beautiful, charming, delightful grand daughter just celebrated her first birthday.  Time flies! I was blessed enough to be at her birth (forever thankful to that experience!!) and babysit her four days a week.  To see the changes that take place in her week to week is just a God gift. 
     Hubby and I made her birthday cake.  Hubby is so talented with molding the fondant!  He did this awesome model of Tinkerbell! I made the "smash" cake for her and did the decorating on the Fairy cake. I found some candy the looks like river rock and some jelly bean boulders that really jazzed up the cake. The cat tails are made from dried spaghetti pasta and fondant wrapped around them.  And aren't the mushrooms adorable! I was really pleased how they turned out. Overall the cake was a success - although I fretted about it all weekend.  I'm terribly critical of the work I do and feared it would be a disappointment. As my husband frequently reminds me, I am my own worst enemy. Why I stress myself out of a family birthday cake... for a one year old mind you... is just so not neccesary.
    I'm just going to share some pictures with you now.  Enjoy!

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