Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Snowmen treats

I'm sure that these ideas are old to most of you.  However, I'm a grandma now and get
 to do all these fun things that were too "babyish" for my grown kids.  
Sure I have my Sunday school kids and the Cubbies Preschoolers....
 there's just something special about doing it for you own
 little one and seeing the delight in her eyes!
The first snowman we made for gifts for the Sunday School children. 
My fabulous hubby wrote a poem for us to attach on the bag. 
 He is amazing and his this gift for just being able to whip up a poem whenever I need one.
Feel free to use the poem yourself but please give Neil Thiele credit for writing it.
  A link back to my blog would be awesome too!

I’d like to make a snowman, that wouldn’t melt away,                                             
I’d make him with my own two hands so with him I could play.                            
I’d love him and he’d love me.  Together we’d have fun,                                        
sharing our adventures until the day was done.                                                       

But Winter doesn’t last all year, and I begin to think                                                          
the snowy friend that I had made, will soon begin to shrink.                                             
His face will start to sag and droop, almost as if he’d felt                                         
the sun that shines upon his face and causes him to melt.                                         
I know that I will miss my friend but I will have no fear,                                         
‘cause I can make another when it snows again next year.                                       
But Jesus is a better friend, which never goes away                                                  
He made me with his own two hands, exactly just this way.                                    
I’ll love Him ‘cause He loves me, together Gods’ own son                                      
will share in everything I do, whether it be sad or fun.                                              

He’ll never move away from me, and in my heart He’ll stay                                    
‘cause I believe God sent His son, and for my sins He’d pay.                                  
 He shines his face upon me, and I can say I’ve felt                                                 
                                           That Jesus let me truly see and caused my heart to melt.                                                                                                  
Now the Lord is with me, of that here is no end.                                                    
His love is always with me, Jesus my best friend.                                                     
 Written by Neil Thiele 

This next snowman was for a snack for my grandsweetie.  She is really big on
Frosty the Snowman these days.... seriously big on it.  Like seven times a day
she wants to watch it, big.
This was so simple to make and it really made her day.

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